Anglais Aera Book 7

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'A fast addictive read that will draw you in and leave you wanting more. So lets have more please...' - LizLovesBooks. Part 7 in the fast-paced and thrilling new episodic novella series from award-winning Markus Heitz. NOVEMBER, 2019I've never believed in any kind of god.But that's a problem when they start manifesting.It was a problem for everyone else too, especially those whose gods did not appear. We are divided, a fractured globe, because you'd question everything you'd believed, wouldn't you? Or would you fight?Because I don't think these really are the gods we've worshipped - Zeus, The Morrígan, Thor, they can go to hell. We're in the middle of an invasion, and I'm the only one who believes in that reality.My name is Malleus Bourreau, I'm an atheist, an investigator, and I will find the answers.The seventh instalment in the ten-part novella serialisation 'The Return of the Ancient Gods' by award-winning author Markus Heitz.

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